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Are you a victim of bullying and are looking for help to overcome the negative impacts that bullying has created on you? At Band Against Bullying, Inc. we do what we can to help. Although we can not help everyone due to limited resources, we do the best we can to help as many as possible. Applying does not guarantee that assistance will be provided as we must work within our organizations budget. If we can not accept a current request, your request will automatically be saved in our system so that we can follow-up at a later time when our budget permits. The following items are the resources we supply to aid bully victims:


We supply education material to bully victims which discusses ways to report bullying, ways to prevent bullying, as well as ways to cope with the negative effects bullying has.


We supply a mentorship program which enables bully victims to team-up with victim advocates in an emotional support setting. Mentors also help bully victims with things such as gaining resources from our non-profit and your local schools and communities. Also, mentors can help bully victims find community volunteer opportunities, jobs for age appropriate individuals, and paid sports teams or other extracurricular activities. If interested, we can also pair up bully victims with other bully victims in similar situations to help in a peer-to-peer support group setting.

Medical Intervention

We will pay for non-emergency medical interventions that were caused from a bullying encounter. Due to limited staff and resources, we typically work through reimbursing paid out-of-pocket expenses after medical intervention has occurred. In order to qualify, an individual must have been injured due to direct or indirect bullying encounters. We can also refer you to a doctor/clinic that is in our network that will provide discounted services for victims of bullying.

Mental Health Intervention

We will pay for mental health interventions such as that of mental health counseling or psychiatric medical services that were caused by direct or indirect encounters of bullying. Our staff can help assist you with obtaining a provider as well as reimbursing paid out-of-pocket expenses. We can also refer you to a doctor/clinic that is in our network that will provide discounted services for victims of bullying.

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Fill out the query to make your request for help. Once this form is submitted a victim advocate will reach out shortly by one of the contact methods provided in order to obtain more information and formally process your request. If this is an emergency please call 9-1-1 as our service is not intended to be a replacement for an emergency:

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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - (800) 273 - 8255

National Runaway Safeline - (800) 786 - 2929 has additional information available to those looking for assistance.